Zero Additives

100% Natural

A certified-organic plant-based protein powder with all natural ingredients. 

  • No emulsifiers

  • No gum

  • No artificial flavors

  • No preservatives

  • No sugar

  • No artificial sweeteners

Ideal for

🌱 Vegans & Vegetarians 

🌱 Individuals with an active lifestyle

🌱 Individuals wanting to lose weight

🌱 Body-builders, or competitive athletes



Organic pea protein, organic brown rice protein, organic alfalfa grass, organic spinach, organic broccoli, organic kale

Simply Zero organic plant-based protein powder was formulated by Gloria Tsang, a Canadian dietitian, vegetarian, natural food lover, 6 bestselling book author and newspaper columnist on clean eating. When designing this formula, Gloria realized that even though organic pea protein has all 9 essential amino acids, the level of methionine is low. Hence she added brown rice protein to complement the amino acid profile, creating a product providing complete protein. Each scoop of Simply Zero provides 16 grams of protein.

Ways To Enjoy

There are many ways to enjoy and incorporate Simply Zero organic vegan protein powder into your meals. Unlike other protein powder with emulsifiers, sweeteners, and other artificial ingredients, Simply Zero contains no artificial additives. Therefore you can prepare it just like foods; it can be enjoyed in smoothie, baked in pancakes or muffins, or cooked in warm creamy soup.

Simply Zero Organic Vegan Protein 無添加有機植物蛋白素

Simply Zero Organic Vegan Protein 無添加有機植物蛋白素


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