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加拿大 Everland天然蔗糖 非基因改造咖啡糖 加拿大品牌非基因改造蔗糖,屬原糖一種,非精煉不經漂白;由於用鋒刀切碎,所以又稱刀切糖。糖粒體積較大,含焦糖味,適合用於製作糖水及普通煮食。最佳用於咖啡及奶茶等熱飲,所以在餐廳有時亦稱為咖啡糖。 淨重:1,000克 成份:非基因改造蔗糖

Canadian brand Everland offers non-GMO cane sugar, which is considered a raw sugar. It is unrefined and not bleached. Due to being cut with a sharp knife, it is also known as "knife-cut sugar." The sugar crystals are larger in size and have a caramel flavor, making it suitable for making desserts and general cooking. It is best used in hot beverages like coffee and milk tea, which is why it's sometimes referred to as "coffee sugar" in HK restaurants


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